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Time is ticking

About Us

Get Locked

Your group is locked in our authentic themed room

Look Around

Be observant! Look around for clues

Team Work

Communicate and work together with your team

Solve Puzzles

Use your creativity and wit to solve the puzzles

Time Ticking

Keep an eye on the clock! Ask for hints if you are stuck for too long

Free Yourselves

Now you are good to escape from the room
330 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
(Above Marble Slab)
Downtown Toronto, M5B 1R8
Ontario, Canada
Monday - Thursday: 3PM - 12AM
Friday: 3PM - 1AM
Saturday: 12PM - 1AM
Sunday: 12PM -12AM

Our Rooms


Final Destination

Book Now
 35% Success
  2-6 persons
 45 minutes
  $25.99 per person

  The flight you boarded, to a mysterious destination, has just taken off. A few minutes into the flight, you hear loud noises and realize that both engines are blown. To make matters worse, your pilot and flight attendants have both abandoned the plane. Remembering the materials from your favourite physics class, you estimate that at this height, the plane will only continue to glide for 45 minutes. You must find a parachute and escape before the plane crashes!

butcher basement poster

Butcher's Basement

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 45% Success
  2-8 persons
 45 minutes
  $25.99 per person

  Your best friend has been kidnapped last week. Rumour has it that she was abducted by Tony, the suspicious owner of Tony’s Butcher Shop. You traced all the evidence you could find and end up at the doorstep of the butcher’s basement. As soon as you step inside, the door slams shut behind you! It is a mousetrap set up by Tony! Will you escape the butcher’s basement before the infamous serial killer Tony returns in 45 minutes?

the prisoner poster

The Prisoner

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 30% Success
  3-9 persons
 60 minutes
  $28.99 per person

  You have been wrongly accused of murder and sentenced to death. Within 60 minutes, you and your fellow inmates will be taken to your execution. You see weird writings and symbols all over the cell walls that you are locked in, and spontaneously recall hearing stories that previous prisoners who were locked in these cells were able to escape. Use the clues that were left behind to escape before your execution!

The ninja poster

The Ninja

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 40% Success
  3-6 persons
 60 minutes
  $28.99 per person

  After years of training under Fuma Kotaro, what stands between you and the ninja designation is the final Ninmu. To assess your abilities, Master Kotaro hid some meaningful belongings in the Dojo. You have 60 minutes to find the possessions and come out alive. Put on you observant ninja headbands and masks. Work together with your comrades and to stand a chance in becoming full fledge shinobis.

back to the mummy poster

Back To The Mummy

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 15% Success
  2-5 persons
 45 minutes
  $25.99 per person

  You are in Egypt and on an elevator heading to a party at the penthouse suite. Suddenly, the elevator loses power and you feel a sudden drop and lose consciousness. When you wake up, you find yourself in a mummy tomb. The walls of the tomb start to shake violently and you hear an aggressive mysterious voice saying “death will come in 45 minutes to those who disturb the sleep of Sahirah”. Now, you and your friends have to find the way out and escape from the tomb before it collapses on all of you!

*If you need more information or experience any problem with booking, please call us at 647-712-2688

Special Event

Corporate Event

What better way to build team unity amongst your working team than an exciting escape room experience that greatly encourages teamwork.

Group Event

Looking for something fun to do with a group of friends? Our escape rooms are perfect for fun group outings, large or small.

School Field Trip

Trying to plan an amazing field trip for a class or school club? A trip to our escape room will put your school on top!

Birthday Event

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Instead of celebrating your birthday with an ordinary party and cake, why not come with your friends and experience a wild escape!

Proposal Day

What better way to propose to your future spouse than hiding the ring in our Diamond Creed room? Contact us, and we can make the arrangements for you!


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330 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
Tel: 647-712-2688
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 3PM - 12AM, Fri: 3PM - 1AM, Sat: 12PM - 1AM, Sun: 12PM - 12AM

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Q: Are we going to be put with other people in the room?
A: No! We never put strangers in your room. It’ll be only your team members playing with you in the room.


Q: How can I book the room online?
A: Just click the ‘Book Now’ button, and it will direct you to the booking page. You can choose to pay now, or pay later (exception for bookings on Friday and Saturday).


Q: What if I have more people joining my group after I made a booking?
A: That’s not a problem as long as your group doesn’t exceed the limit of each room. You can simply let our staff know when you walk in. We’ll adjust the booking for you.


Q: Am I allowed to take a picture or record videos in the room?
A: No, electronic devices are not allowed in our rooms. Lockers are provided to store your phones and your belongings before you go in the room.


Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: We accept any type of payment! Well, cash is cool! However, we do take credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and debit card as well.


Q: Will there be any actors in the rooms that will physically touch me?
A: Nope! There is no human being awaits for you inside the room. It’ll be only you and your friends.


Q: When should I arrive and what will happen if my group arrives late?
A: We try our best to keep our schedule on time, so we encourage all groups to arrive 10 minutes earlier. If your group arrives late, your game time will be affected.


Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: We only give full refunds for a cancellation that has been made 48 hours prior to your booking time. We can not give a refund to any last minute cancellation.


Q: Are all of your room scary?
A: No, only our butcher’s basement is a scary theme room. However, there will be no one trying to chase you or touch you.


Q: What do we need to prepare to do the Ninja room?
A: We require that all Ninja-In-Training remove their shoes before entering the Dojo. Please bring your own socks or be prepared to play with bare feet.



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butcher room review
Butcher's Basement
"I used to work in a deli and this place had an authentic butcher feel to it! This room has a great wow factor to it making it a very exciting room."
prisoner room review
The Prisoner
"Hands down it is one of the most authentic and well designed prison cells we have been to in the city. You can’t go wrong with movie quality props that have clearly been well put together. "
escape game review
final destination room review
Final Destination
"The setting for this game was the inside of an airplane, and that’s exactly what we got – the seats, the overhead compartments, and even oval windows with sliding covers!"